manuel guarnori

manuel guarnori

Born in Sondrio on the 19th of October 1993, Manuel has always been passionate about the art of show, especially juggling and magic.

He began performing in the squares at the age of 15 alongside Cama Valentina (who became her first teacher) with a street art show: a mix of juggling, balancing, magic, clowning and fire-eaters.

The passion for theater brought him to participate in various theater workshops and performances. Among these there is the theatrical laboratory in Tresivio, held by the director Davide Benedetti, the realization of the comedy show "Why William?", The realization of the show: "The Sorrows Mattresses", (freely based on the novel by Aldo Palazzeschi , directed by Diana Manea) and participation in the theatrical laboratory in Milan directed by Carlo Pastori and Marta Martinelli.


In January 2012 he opened the cultural association for the arts "SaltinPalco" with the aim of encouraging and supporting his passions related to street art, magic, animation and artistic entertainment.


In July of the same year he graduated at the "Scientific-technological high school of Sondrio E.Mattei" and decided to continue in the entertainment world, moving to Milan to attend "The national academy of the Milan comedian".

And it was just in Milan where he began a series of ongoing collaborations for various agencies of Animation (e.g. Emagico, Birbanti is born, Cakes in the sky, Creative Machine, Show Time Milan, Animation dreams) as a Fantasist, Balloon Sculpture, Clownery, Juggling, Micromagic and Magic from the scene and there, in Milan, he met the illusionist Lord Nill.

In the summer of 2014 he flied to Sardinia where he spent the whole season at "Sighientu life hotel" in Marina Di Capitana (CA) with the role of Magician.

Returning "on dry land" in October he began working in the world of circus, participating in the International Festival of the Circus city of Latina (October 16, 2014 to October 20, 2014) with Lord Nill and later with the circus of Clown Bistecca in the areas of Naples and Province in the realization of two shows:

one in the cartoons theme and the other in the classical circus always playing the role of magician and juggler.

The passion and the study of magic took him in England in January 2016 to attend the prestigious magic club of Manchester (Manchester Circle Of Magician), where he had the opportunity to work in magic shows and to attend some amazing close-ups (Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester ). It is here that he could work and study with the best magiicans in the world, from Jeff McBride to David Stone, from Dynamo to Diego Minevitz, from Lawrence Hass to Eugene Burger ...

In May of the same year he came back to Italy, in Sardinia precisely, with a new show of great illusions that went on stage in several villages: "CalaSerena Village" of Maracalagonis, "Tanka Village" of Villasimius and "Marina Beach "of Orosei.

The winter season passes between Italy and Spain with continuous collaborations for major entertainment agencies and with the realization of several themed shows, among them stands out the collaboration with the studios of Rome in Cinecittà.

From November 2017 to January 2018 a new tour began throughout France, collaborating with Lord Nill, with the "wonderful christmas circus: the most famous French circus for Christmas galas.

After the circus tourneè Southeast Asia will welcome Manuel for the next 4 months, crossing Thailand, Laos and Cambodia between schools and orphanages with a backpack always full of magic games.

While summer is still in Sardinia where the 2018 brought collaboration with new villages: Colonna beach valtur, Torre Moresca, Marina Beach of Orosei, Tanka Village, Marina Rey Beach Resort, Baia delle Mimose and among these the Forte Village, considered the best Resort in the world.


Today the goals he wants to reach are still far away and he is aware that the way is long and tiring but the love and the passion for this art takes him every day to study and research with the aim of giving emotions to anyone who attends his performances.

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